Condensing Rule: Min. number of systems

Hi Dorico Team!

I really enjoy using your condensing system, the possibilitys given with the condensing changes are endless. However, I’d like to suggest, adding a new rule:

“Minimum number off systems used”

Often I need to condense 3 trumpets, 3 clarinets or 4 horns, but when possible, Dorico will use 4 systems on one page and 1 system on the following one which creates very confusing scores. What I like to do (and publishers) is the use of only 2 systems for 3 trumpets or 4 horns, where the systems are combined as liked, but while rests or unison, the number of systems does not go below 2. This can be easily achieved in Dorico, but when you make big changes in the score, you often need to start this process from the beginning. The rule, as statet above, wouldn’t be complicated to implement and would be very useful.

Sorry if this is already included or suggested, I couldn’t find anything regarding this.

Thank you very much and best regards!

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I’d leave that judgement to the actual software developers :wink: But a good idea nevertheless!

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You’re absolutly right, how dare I! :wink:

Apologies, but can I check that I understand your request. You’re saying “systems” but I think you might mean “staves” – a system being the whole set of staves for all instruments in the ensemble connected by an initial barline at the left-hand side of the page, and a staff just being a single set of five lines typically belonging to a single instrument. So you are asking for a feature that will enforce a minimum number of staves for a given condensing group, right?

Hi Daniel! Thanks for your reply.

Of course I mean “staves”, and yes, that’s what I am suggesting! =)

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure what this would be like to implement, but I’ll talk to my colleague Andrew about it at some point.