Condensing score for group with more than two instruments


I’m sure this is a dumb question, but I can’t find anything about condensing in the 1100 page operations manual (bit odd, that!), so need help.

I have 3 (three) trumpets, which I’ve included together in a custom condensing group. How can I get all three trumpets to condense on one stave? Dorico seems to decide I want one stave for trumpet 1 and 2, and a second stave for trumpet 3 (the default if there weren’t a custom condensing group), but I want all three trumpets on one stave. I have a similar issue for horns. There seems to be setting of “maximum two instruments per stave” somewhere, or something?


In Notation Options, under Condensing, the default setting (at the bottom of the list) is “Pair with active player”. If you change it to “Include in Staff Label” you will get more instruments condensed. However I find this setting doesn’t really work very well (it can cause other issues, see for instance and for now it is probably best to live with the pairs condensed and the third instrument on another stave.

Thanks, Mducharme. My three trumpets play in rhythmic unison throughout, so you would have thought “inactive players” is not really an issue. But your tip does seem to show that I’ve stumbled on a bit of a bug… With your “include in staff label” switched on, it now joins three trumpets on one stave for the first two pages… (where they’re not playing), but by the third (!) page, where notes start to appear, Dorico has become confused, and treats the first two trumpets as concert-pitch instruments, and the third trumpet as a Bb trumpet, AND splits the trumpets over two staves… (see attachments. Note the key signatures and displayed pitches!)

The manual is generally a little behind the release schedule. That’s why there’s a version history. Pages 3-16 of this PDF are dedicated to Condensing:

JustusR, it’s much easier to diagnose problems with condensing (and indeed more or less anything) if you attach the project itself rather than some pictures. If you zip up and attach your project I’ll be able to help you more fully. If you don’t want to share your whole piece, which is fine, save a copy of it, then delete the other players, bars, flows etc. so that you’ve just got the troublesome parts left, and then zip up and attach that.

No problem Daniel, here it is. It should open with the “issue” of the trumpets in full display. (1.36 MB)

Thanks for attaching the project, JustusR. The issue you’re experiencing with the incorrect transposition for the trumpets after the first couple of systems is a known problem (e.g. this thread). Apologies for wasting your time in asking for you to attach your project – I could have worked that out from your description had I read it a bit more carefully. We’ve already fixed this problem in our internals builds, and a fix will be included in the next update.

Thanks, no worries. Presumably the “bug-fix” will fix the transposition error, but not fix the fact that the trumpets staves don’t condense.

It looks to me that the trumpet staves are not condensing only because of the transposition error, so if that is fixed, I expect they should properly condense.