Condensing - Should I?

I’m creating a score for string orchestra and SATB choir. The strings have a lot of divisi, the choir mostly does not.

I’m thinking about whether I should condense the divisi on the conductor´s score. I’ve been trying to find some guidance on this, but it seems hard to come by. There seems to be no real mention of this in Behind Bars, for example.

Is anyone aware of any write-up about this that would help me?

The divisi change frequently. On top of that, some passages look good condensed and some look very confusing, so I’ve been using condensing changes to accommodate that. So for example, I might have a solo line on one staff and two section divisi condensed onto a second staff.

The downside of this is that number of staves representing, say, the first violins changes very often, sometimes almost from system to system, and I can imagine that being very confusing to a conductor.

As this is a work just for strings and choir, I’m starting to think I should forget about condensing and just show all the divisi in the score.

Condensing is at its most useful for a full orchestral score, where separate staves wouldn’t all fit on the page.

Something like strings and choir will probably fit as one system per page, regardless of any additional staves here and there.

So, I wouldn’t bother.

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In strings, condensing mostlymakes sense if the divisi are rather simple (homophon-ish) and with clear and few changes. I agree that probably in your case, condensing might not be the way to go.

Thanks guys! Good to have confirmation from expert people.