Condensing showing labels even when settings say it shouldn't

Horns condensed:

So I want the mf octave to share a stem, therefore I add a Condensing change on the g2:

My settings in Notation options are “Show rests and omit labels”. So why do I get both rests and labels? Could I do this differently to have the result I want?

I honestly can’t remember every subtlety of the rules for when condensing labels appear off the top of my head, and the forum is sufficiently busy right now (and I’m supposed to have been on holiday for the last week…) that I’m going to, with apologies, choose not to go and have a dig through the code to try and work this out… but my recollection is that if the entries are offset rhythmically, we choose to show labels.

I understand you fully, and no apologies needed. These among others are things I encounter from time to time when I am in the process of finalizing scores with condensing, and each time I run into the same questions. I’ll try to document the process this time and come back to the matter.

Happy holidays!