Condensing single players after copying music from section players

Hello all,

I’ve currently reworked a score after setting it up incorrectly.

The issue is replicating itself across multiple instrument groups, but I’ll give one example:

I originally had a Section Player for “Oboi” and I was using divisi (two staves, Oboe 1, Oboe 2) and then condensing them. I realized this is not the correct way to handle this in Dorico.

I then duplicated the Oboi Section player, and copied everything from the second divisi and unisons into the new Oboi II Section Player, and deleting (I believe) all of the data in the divisi staves in the original Oboi I Section Player. Essentially just creating Oboe 1 and Oboe 2 parts.

Then I created two Empty-Handed Players and then dragged the Oboe 1 instrument onto one and the Oboe 2 instrument onto the other and deleted the Empty-Handed Section Players.

Now with condensing enabled and all Condensing Changes removed the staves are not condensing, even on systems that don’t contain any music.

When I create a condensing change, there is a third “line” of music? I’ve attached a picture. I have a feeling this is what is preventing condensing and probably an issue with copying between Section Player and Single Player.

Any ideas?

I will attach my project file in a reply.

Mozart KV550 v2.dorico (3.7 MB)

I think you have over complicated this.

If you look at the original file you posted in galley view, you can see where your divisi happens (an extra staff appears).

I suggest, for each of your wind parts, in Setup, you…

  1. [Set the sort order to NONE as it just makes it easier dragging players around]. Then create an empty-handed single player (not section) and drag it up the correct score position.
  2. drag the instrument from your existing section player to the new empty player (this will move all your notes to the new player, and leave a redundant empty-handed section player which you can delete)
  3. [Edit] Duplicate yournew solo playerto create your 2nd part (It should automatically number itself) and position it under your first player.
  4. Now, in Write mode (Galley view). Select all notes in the divisi stave (select the 1st, then use select to end of flow). Move the selection down to the new player using Alt-M. You can then delete the Divisi signpost, which should remove the (now empty) staff.

You should now have two single players, each with their own notes, which should condense quite easily. (It’s probably taken fewer than a dozen keystrokes)

Repeat for each Player.

Janus, thanks for your reply. I followed exactly as you said to do for the Oboe 1 and 2 staves in my original file, not the v2 posted above. And I still cannot get the staves to condense.

Also if I do a manual condensing change I still get the same as pictured in my original post.

  • Oboe 1
  • Oboe 1
  • Oboe 2

I’m not sure where the second ‘Oboe 1’ is coming from.

The staves are still not condensing even with no music in the measures.

As you can imagine, I’m quite confused.

Attached is the project file after making said changes.

Mozart KV550 [Oboes won’t condense].dorico (3.5 MB)

I looked at your earlier file (the v2 file, 8 hours ago) and noted that there was a mix of voices in your file - this was evident with View > Note and Voice Colors > Voice Colors ticked.

I’d certainly suggest you select the whole of the wind section for the whole flow, right-click > Voices > Change Voice > Upstem Voice 1, as consistently using the same voice is a prerequisite of condensing working properly.

In your v2 file this wasn’t sufficient to fix the problem, though.

I’m away from Dorico just now but I have a chance later I’ll take a look at your latest file.


Thanks a bunch for the reply!

I did notice this, and I can’t remember if I did before or after uploading the newest file but I have played around with putting all voices onto the Up-Stem Voice 1, at least for the Oboi, Clarinetti, and Fagotti parts. It was still causing the issue.

I’m wondering if some data is getting left behind in one of the voices. It’s odd.


I’m not sure why they aren’t condensing, but if you add two new oboe players and copy the music into those players, then delete the original Oboe 1 and 2, the NEW oboes condense fine.

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This looks like the answer. Still perplexed as to why this is the case and I’d still like to know if anybody has some insight. But thank you so much!

My guess is it’s because of voices. When you paste into a new instrument that hasn’t had a second voice defined, it goes into Up-stem Voice 1. The same happens if you select music and type Alt-N to move it to the staff above (in that case even if there are more voices available).

You want all your monophonic parts to be in the primary voice, and then they will condense onto up- & down-stem voices properly.