Condensing : Slur canceled by a2

Probably this has been discussed in the past, but I bring it up again with the optimistic hope that the development team will take it in consideration, or maybe I find an answer from somebody:

In condensing mode longer passages from two or more instruments which are under same slur length, starting with different Rythm, then they fall into unison, whenever there is a unison implied (a2) the slur disappears for good. This force the engraver to have unison passages (which could be written on the same stem) with two stems, occupying space and not looking very elegant.
If I do force condensing in the middle of the phrase, the slur disappears and there is no way to change that it seems.
Slice 2

Slice 2 (1)

Is there any miraculous solution for this? If not could it be an improvement in the next update? this is a very short example in my projects, but there are multiple times when I am really cornered to do unfortunate condensing decisions because of this reason.

I would like if Dorico team would focus a bit on improving the condensing option after all DAW improvements …after all is an engraving software, not a DAW hybrid .


It’s easy to say, “please don’t work on features that don’t appeal to me because I think Dorico is X kind of software, and that feature is only important to users who want Y kind of software”, but the truth is always more complicated. Dorico has to appeal to a very broad swathe of users, and we do our best to direct our very limited development resources to things that will provide suitably broad appeal across the board.

There are certainly some areas in condensing that need our attention, and I very much hope that we will be able to dedicate some time addressing some of these issues in the next major version. This specific case, however, where slurs would be required to span condensation changes that result in the number of voices changing under the slur is a particularly difficult one, and I can’t be sure whether or not this is something we will be able to address in the next version.

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Thank you for the answer. I am really thankful for all your hard work concerning this software and I appreciate each one of you for doing an amazing job ! I can imagine that is not easy to satisfy all requests and it has to be a balance there. Don’t take it as a criticism, just a suggestion for future direction.
I like and care about this software which allows us to engrave amazingly well done scores, that’s why I write my concerns/suggestions here.

I hope there will be some time to incorporate more condensing changes : after all, this is THE ONE big change in the engraving business which make Dorico so special for music environment.