Condensing trill issue

Hey everyone,
Love the new design in Dorico 4. However, unfortunately, the condensing trill bug is still with us. (The auxiliary note appears on random pitches.) Any chance of this being fixed in the short term? Thank you! Best, Sebastian

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This is the original content:

Have not experienced but hope for fix!

Ah, this is an annoying bug I had forgotten about. I’ll have to keep a lookout for it myself. Agreed, this is a pretty notable issue.

Yes, we know this problem still exists, and that it’s annoying. It remains on the list to be fixed.


Hi, has there been any news on the trill issue? Thanks! Best wishes

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I’m sorry, it still hasn’t been fixed.

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this is actually a rather serious issue.
it creates erroneous notation in the score, even if the parts have the right trills and accidentals.

I just realized that I have a whole passage in my viola concerto where the woodwinds are condensed, and all playing trills of different flavours (some sharp, some flat, some natural), and only the upper instrument of the pair has a trill indication. The lower one’s trill marking is erased in the score.

This leads to errors like the upper flute playing C# and trilling to D#, while the lower flute plays an A natural and trills to B natural… but the only trill showing is implying that both instruments are trilling to sharpened notes.

Daniel, please fast-track this issue for correction?


We know this requires fixing, and we will get to it as soon as we can.


has there been any progress with this bug?

Have you tried it?

From the Dorico 4 Version History, page 54 (also 4.3.10):

Condensing: Auxiliary notes for trills are now shown correctly when condensed

The problem’s still there on Dorico 5. @dspreadbury, is there a fix for this as @rafaelv mentionned it?
Uncondense :

Condense :

Hi @jenpol,

Try this setting in Notation options>Condensing>Trills.

Or use a condensing change to make one voice up-stem and the other down-stem as in the third condensed staff of your example

Works great thanks a lot! Trills lines are still missing but that’s fine for now. :slight_smile:

In Engraving options you can tell Dorico to always show the extension line for trills.
Or use the properties panel to show it (or not show it according to what you choose in engraving options) where wanted.

Thanks a lot! So if not set in Engraving options, no way to get it back when condensed?

You can still use the properties panel to force the line to show.

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Just to chime in, this workaround only works for whole notes as they don’t have stems. It’s not working if notes have to share the stem and still have two auxiliary notes. Any other workaround is appreciated.