Condensing troubles

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me why there would be condensing issues at

  1. Bars 59 and 64 in Clarinets (not in two voices)
  2. Bars 57 to the end, Trombones (not in one voice sim. to Trumpets)

I can’t work it out…

Fix This.dorico (1.9 MB)

I don’t know if this will help or give any clues, but here goes.

I created a new part layout consisting of Clarinets 1 & 2. When I turned on condensing, they appeared as in the pic. below. The (incorrect) condensing in the full score was not affected.

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1 is due to manual condensing at bar 42. Will look at 2 in a bit.


Great idea creating a new part!! Didn’t help with #2 but I’m sure will help with future issues.

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My thinking was that if the new part layout condensed as it should, then the cause of the problem would be somewhere in the score layout.

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For 2, you need to force new phrases in the Trombones at bars 57 and 65 with condensing changes.

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Thanks for the help @Craig_F.

I originally had a Condensing Change at 57 but I can’t get my head around why I need one at 65 as well.

The unison phrase is between 57 and 65. New phrases happen automatically at rests. There are no rests between the unison and non unison phrases so, in order for Dorico to condense the unison phrase differently you need to tell it where it can change its behavior.