Condensing unisons ?

I’m working on an orchestral piece that has some pages of Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets & Bassoons 1 & 2 paying unison lines. I’m successfully condensing other parts of the score, but can’t get Dorico to condense these parts.

Can anyone explain what might be going wrong?

Many thanks

If parts are playing in unison, try copy/pasting those bits from one part to the other so that they are identical in all respects (articulations, starting and end points of hairpins, everything).

Thanks Derek, I went back and erased, then copy-paste and it still doesn’t want to condense ? I’ve tried both “Reset” & “Change” in the condensing panel, but they still stay apart !!??

Any ideas ?

Are there rests between these unison bits and non-unison bits? If not, you’ll need to add a Condensing Change (not necessarily actually changing anything), just to force Dorico to reconsider its condensing decision.
Are the dynamics identical?

Thanks Derek & PianoLeo !

I got it to work by using the manual condensing, and using that Reset button, and not the Reset button on the above (Notation) pane.

I’m really loving this Condensing function !!!