Condensing - unwanted rests and rhythm changes

hi all - deep in some condensing issues - file enclosed - BAR 23 - Horns have unwanted rests and the Viola, Cello divisi i’ve set (finally- !!) still have some unwanted results - any help is appreciated - thx
eventually the vla,vlc (and vln) parts will have 3 staves just in those areas
the violins do the same later but i have not gotten that far yet
reger-OP86-9-14 - (3.5 MB)

Turns out to be simple: It’s because your condensing change in bar 23 is one 32nd note after the downbeat. Move it back and the rests disappear.

smh !! i thought i had tried that. thank you :grinning:
all good :+1:t4: