Condensing varying section divisi


I’ve a problem with the new (and fantastic) condensing divisi feature. It doesn’t always to what I want.

  • My Violins I and II (both sections) divide in two, then three parts (also sections) each.

  • Divisi happen more times in the score. One first time (a) only Vni II are divided by two. Later (b), after other changes between unison and divisi by two, Vni I divide by two and then three, and Vni II divide by three.

  • Automatic condensing makes Violins I into two staves (1+2 and 3), and Violins II into three staves (as if they were not condensed). On the contrary, I want them each in a single stave (Vni I, and Vni II), as Ravel imagined it ©.

I wonder if the problem is the change between division by two and three, or because the last change between two and three is in the middle of a page.

EDIT: Something else happened. As seen in the example, the second of three divisi parts of Vni I disappear from condensing, even with no condensing change in the score. When activating condensed view, the second divisi part simply disappear.


You can only change from unisoni to divisi in the middle of a system. You can’t change from one divisi to another, because the staves always extend across the complete system. For example Dorico doesn’t know how to write the music for “div a 2” on three staves, or “div a 3” on two staves.

Try putting a system break where the “div a 3” starts.

Rob, that’s it! So, what I have to do is to use “divisi by three” even for part originally written as “divisi by two”. A manually-added label will show how it should be during a performance.