Condensing VS player numeration


It is not possible to condens sections of players, although this is pretty common in concert band scores.
In may case, I wanted to combine clarinets 2 & 3. As only the first clarinet needs divisi, I wanted to use solo players for clarinet 2 & 3, but then the numeration of parts changes to:

  • Clarinets (B Flat) I
  • Clarinets (B Flat) 1
  • Clarinets (B Flat) 2

(Is there a technical reason, sections cannot be condensed?)
Is there a possibility to change the numbers of the parts?

Thanks a lot!

There is a technical limitation on the condensing of section players for now, yes, because Dorico cannot yet handle condensing players with multiple staves, but we will relax this restriction in the future.

For the time being you should be able to use solo players for all three players, and then create a custom condensing group consisting of only Clarinet 2 and Clarinet 3.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your reply!
I cannot change the 1st clarinet to solo player, because I got divisi in there…

Then for the time being you’re going to be in trouble, I’m afraid! You can manually override the names of the Clarinet 2 and 3 players, but you’ll find that their labels will not condense properly.

That’s fine, I just won’t condens them for time being, but I would be glad to see a possibility in the future! Thanks a lot!