Condensing weird artifacts


I am trying to use condensing (both on woods, brass and strings).

However I am getting some weird artifacts:

ScreenHunter 209

ScreenHunter 208

ScreenHunter 210

ScreenHunter 211

Could anyone that experienced the same issues point me towards a possible solution?


What issues? We should not have to guess what you think are artifacts when they may be a natural result of what you asked Dorico to condense.

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The first time the STEINBERG utomated assistantant gives an helpful responSE ah ah the project limited to the few bars presenting the issues thank you STEINBERG :wink:

Well, for the record, I think Derrek is right and if you really want some help, following this advice is certainly the best route. Asking for the devs’ help without expliciting things and on a Saturday is… maybe too much :person_shrugging:

Seeing the screenshots, my guess is the dynamics differ in the staves you want to condense. Could be even a subtle difference in dynamic grouping.


Thanks PhotrB, I will post the file later to make it clearer (I forgot to add some sort if captions in the pics to clarify the issue). I am sure is something very simple, I just fannot figure out what it us ah ah

Hey Peter, here is the file with the bar in question.

As you can see, in the violas, when condensing, DORICO puts the dynamics at the top, and with the horns I get two set of dynamics, when it should be one.

Let me know if you find out what is wrong (perhaps I have inputed something incorrectly?)


test score.dorico (1.3 MB)

In Galley view if you select any of the horn dynamics you’ll see that they’re a mishmash of grouped (horizontally) and linked (vertically). Select the Horn 1 bars and Group Dynamics (either right-click > Dynamics > Group Dynamics or use the Jump bar). Then, with the dynamics still selected, select the Horn 2-4 bars underneath and paste.

Now you should find that the dynamics condense correctly.

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And for your divisi Violas - you need to add dynamics to both parts of the divisi, else Dorico will think they only apply to the top line (and hence position them above the stave).

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Superb thanks!