Condensing weirdness

I have two condensing issues I haven’t seen before

  1. The wiggly line disappears in the condensed score. (Pics shows condensed/un-condensed versions


  1. For one section in a condensed score most of the orchestra is hidden via manual staff visibility and after a while all staves are set to reset in manual staff visibility. Everything looks fine until turning Condensing off, Then some staves stays hidden and some not. When editing this back to show only a couple players (with condensing still off) the same thing happens again when turning condensing on. Some staves stays hidden and some not.

Several have reported the trill problem. The earliest thread I found was started 2½ years ago, including a workaround from last summer.

Actually, in this example I was using line, not a trill. In this case, a “big band shake”, I like the look of this line more. Trill lines displays as expected.

  1. Ah, of course, sorry I didn’t notice it is a shake. (Is this the same issue, Team?)
  2. Manual staff visibility does seem to come after condensing. Notice when you invoke the MSV dialog, it lists the actual staves at that spot, whether condensed or not.