Condensing with bar repeats

I have four French horns that condense into 1+3 and 2+4. There are weird visual results if one of the two parts that are condensed has a bar repeat in it.
First image is how it looks in expanded view, horns 1–4 in ascending order:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-17 um 15.54.20

Now, if the top voice of the condensed voices contains a bar repeat and the bottom one contains notes, both are shown on top of each other in the condensed system. And if the top voice has notes and the bottom one has a bar repeat, the bar repeat is invisible and only the notes of the top voice are shown. Here is the result in the condensed version (top: horn 1+3, bottom: horn 2+4):
Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-17 um 15.54.56

Perhaps this has been solved already in Dorico 5? But if not, I would hope to see, ideally, that the bar repeats would resolve to the actual notes that are being played (so you see all voices instead of bar repeats).

No, there’s no change in this regard in Dorico 5, and making bar repeats appear as the music that is being repeated in condensed staves is not something we’re likely to implement any time soon.

Yeah, I figure that it’s probably pretty complex in terms of programming.

Would it be possible to at least show the bar repeat above or below the staff (in a future implementation)? I guess that’s not so much of a question but a feature request. Thanks.

That would also be pretty difficult. I would never say never, but it’s similarly not something we’re likely to be working on soon.

This comes back to @MarcLarcher ‘s (and others’) thoughts on repeats in parts, but not in score.

In my (albeit classical) experience, you never see bar repeats in a full score, but always see them in parts.

I fully accept that bar repeats may be used in other genre scores (though I suspect there, too, they are mostly used in parts). But do those scores ever condense?

In @VIPStephan’s example above, they would prefer to avoid having the bar repeat in the score, but need it because they want it in the part.

Surely this is the sort of difficult problem that the Dev Team relishes?

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Yeah, I could live with no bar repeats but as far as I understand, bar repeats aren’t doing anything other than changing the playback to repeat what came in the previous measure. To have them do anything visual (especially if it’s supposed to be different in score and parts) is probably very complex and might require some major code refactoring.

Looks like I have to fix this issue manually. At least, once the score and parts are eventually exported as PDF, there probably aren’t going to be many changes, and the PDF can be duplicated and printed indefinitely.

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Or you can duplicate flows, and affect one version to the score and the other to parts. But you loose the sync, if you correct one, you’ll need to manually correct the other… Hence my rhythmic compression request :wink: