Condensing With Instrument Change

I’ve got a score with 3 horns and 3 Wagner tubas, where the 3 tubas change to horns midway through the score (to total 6 horns). Enabling condensing from the Layout Options page and creating two groups for the 3 horns and 3 tubas condenses them correctly, but the issue is that, after the instrument change occurs, I want to condense the horns in pairs of 2. Messing with manual condensing in Engrave Mode keeps the tubas separate (but correctly condenses the horns after the instrument change) even if I group them together.

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Are you able to share your project file, or at least a duplicate version that you have cut down to just enough material/bars to demonstrate the issue? It would be very helpful in determining what’s going on exactly and how best to resolve the issue.

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Thanks for the warm welcome! Attached is a cut down version of the project I’m currently working on.
Condensing Horns & Tubas.dorico (2.1 MB)

Thanks for sharing the project – in general, Dorico can only reliably condense the first instrument held by a player, so I was (and still am a bit) confused why it was the 2nd instruments (horns) that were condensing, but the 1st instruments (tubas) weren’t.

If you split out the horns into separate players, you can create custom condensing groups for each set of 3 instruments.

This means you can’t use the automatic instrument change feature, so you’ll have to add instrument change labels manually, I’m afraid (but you can add text items using the same paragraph style, so the text looks correct).

However, you can combine the tubas and horns into appropriate part layouts (as I’ve done here: Tuba 1 and Horn 4 in the same layout, and so on)

Condensing Horns & Tubas_LH.dorico (1.7 MB)

I had a feeling this would be the conclusion we came to. Thanks for the help! And yeah, definitely weird that it was the second instruments being condensed—that’s what started my confusion in the first place

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