Condensing with Instrument Changes/Misc

So, I am wondering if there is a workaround for this condensing dilemma I have.
In the beginning of this transcription I have the Flutes and Piccolos where I want them.

However, when Flute 3 changes to Piccolo 1, then everything gets a bit funky.

After, this no matter what I can do, I can’t figure out how to condense Piccolo 1 and 2 back together.

Is there a way around this?

Also, side note. Is there a way to put back the flat symbol? I renamed the part and then change the setting in Layout options to show that name change. However, I lost the symbol. I am using Sebastian music font.

Condensing can only condense the First instrument held by each Player and only one voice. Perhaps one day condensing will be more flexible, but so far we must work with what we have.

Some folks have found it possible to put the alternate instruments into separate players and to combine those players into a shared layout(s) with judicious system breaks and manual “change instrument” text. Not as convenient as built-in condensing, but if it works…

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I think if you have Dorico 5 and reset the names in Setup mode, it should revert to the flat symbol. Otherwise you can use the token {@flat@} to create that symbol in the name.

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So, I have tried those tokens before. For some reason it never works for me. I don’t know why

Hmm ok. Thanks for the input.