Condensing works partially

I’m trying to condense some instruments, as below. The second pair condenses fine, and although I’ve followed the identical procedure for creating and condensing the first pair, I can’t get them to join.

Any thoughts? As might be evident, this is a big multi-flow work, and I’ve got about 50 Players! I’d rather not post it here.


Would it make a difference if the order of Custom condensing groups is the same as in the score? ie Cornetto 1,Violino 1 above Cornetto 2,Violino 2.

I can’t seem to sort them.

However, when I tried Manual Condensing, the Cornetto 1 was listed twice in the “Condensing Approach” list, so I’ve created a new Player, and copied the notes over, and now things are working.

Good to hear that you got it working.

PS Your screen shot looks like Monteverdi.