A question I have re. condensing, is, when writing music for ‘like’ solo players, is it necessary to have the (HALion) instruments for those solo players arranged in separate ‘Player’ boxes in the Setup panel on the left? E.g.:

Trumpet 1

  • Trumpet 1

Trumpet 2

  • Trumpet 2


Trumpets 1&2

  • Trumpet 1
  • Trumpet 2

I appreciate that the staves in the full score in Page view show only one stave per player box.

Players are people. If you have one person who switches between two instruments, then put two instruments under one Player. Both instruments will show in the same Part. (If the instruments take turns, then you’ll only see one staff in the parts.)

If your music has two trumpet players… then you need to make two Players with trumpets, each with their own part. (Though you could obviously make a part that contains both trumpets…!)

Condensing will show two separate Players on one staff in the score, while keeping them separate for different parts. Turn off Condensing, and you’ll get two staves in the score.

Perfect benwiggy. Thank you so much for your lucid reply. Players are people.

I’d made the mistake to assume that a ‘Player’ could be a stave.

A Section Player (e.g. a group of people) can divide, using divisi, into more than one staff; and if a Single Player can play two instruments at the same time**, then two staves will show.

** E.g. Davey Payne’s two-sax solo in ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’.

Thank you again benwiggy. Ian Dury’s is a masterpiece.