Would anyone have a spare minute to take a look at the condensing of the four Horns in this project? Is there anything crazy-looking that shouldn’t be happening?

I’m struggling to understand how some of it is or isn’t condensed eg I would have thought a page of rests would be condensed.

(NB I’ve already doctored a solution for myself but I want to get an understanding. I’ve removed all my manual changes)

Project.dorico (1.7 MB)

Where are your horns not condensing as expected, ie what bar numbers?

If you want horns 1-4 to condense onto a single staff, they have to be in the same condensing group in Layout Options (there are currently two condensing groups for horns 1-2 and 3-4)

Sorry, I’ve been ordered to go to sleep now. Will check in the morning lol

At the very least, a third of the way through the flow, where all 4 horns have rests.

I want condensed as at the beginning Hn 1-2 and then 3-4

“A third of the way through” is quite subjective.

Having had a very quick look, it might be worth looking again at your choices with dynamic grouping and linking, I think that might be influencing the condensing result somewhat; at bar 58, deleting and re-inputting the dynamics on one staff (and making sure the final dim actually ends before the rest perhaps), then duplicating it to other staves, resulted in condensed staves.

Elsewhere, the horns are on multiple staves due to pitch crossing. That will either require reviewing the notation options for the flow or manual intervention using condensing changes.

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Yes, it is subjective but you managed to nail it - pitch crossing did the trick.

Thanks for your time, Lillie.