Condesing: missing ties

Hi, i condensed my score, but i found that at a certain location in the clarinets, the ties are not displayed correctly:

Galley view:

Page view:

Any ideas to resolve this?

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I believe you mean slurs, rather than ties. Are you able to attach the project itself, or perhaps a cut-down version of it that includes only the problematic bars, so we can take a closer look at it?

Hi Daniel, yes you are right, its slurs. Find a cut down attached. When i made the cut down i faced the problem that suddenly the slurs appeared as they should do. I figured out somehow when i delete the bars before and after that specific location they appear… strange. So I left the bars in the example attached, so that you can see the problem:
Slurs Problem.dorico (1.9 MB)

Hi Martin.

Try this.
It only works up to the end of bar 79, but that might be the clue that somebody else (Dorico dev. team?) needs to investigate the issue from bar 80 onwards.

I noticed that all three clarinet parts are in up-stem voice 2 from bar 1 to bar 79, and then change to up-stem voice 1 in bar 80. Changing all bars to up-stem voice 1 affected things adversely, so what I describe below did not provide a complete solution.

Anyhow, what I did was this:
In Write mode (with condensing off), select all three clarinet parts, and do Edit > Voices > Swap Voice Contents. Then enable condensing. The result is shown in the picture. As you can see, the slurs in bars 80-82 do not show up.

Hi Martin,

As Steven has noticed in at bar 80 in your file the music is in the up-stem voice 1 and before bar 80 in the up-stem voice 2.

  1. Select all the music in the three Clarinets and then Edit>voices>change_voice>up-stem voice 1.
  2. In notation options>Condensing>Amalgamation select “Prevent amalgamation for slurs in down-stem voice”.
  3. At bar 80 enter/create a Condensing change, in the Condensing change dialog just select the clarinets group and leave all other options as they are.

Another approach - I don’t know how it compares with Rafael’s in terms of doing things “the correct way”, but I finished it just as he was posting so I thought I would put it here in case the Dorico team want to have a look at it.

In the attached Dorico file, I think I might have achieved the condensing you want.

Clarinet 1 & 2 are in now in up-stem voice 1. Clarinet 3 is in up-stem voice up until the end of bar 79. Form bar 80 onwards it is in up-stem voice 2.

Slurs Problem-ed.dorico (1.9 MB)

Hi Rafael.
I’ve just tried your suggestion. It works very nicely. I am curious as to why it works without selecting any of the options in the Condensing Change dialog. It might be because the clarinets go into 3 parts at bar 80 . Before that, 1st & 2nd were in unison.

Hi Steven,

Yes, the condensing change in this case works just as a separation of “frases to condense”, without this separation, as you may have seen, the unisons in the cl. 1 and 2 won’t amalgamate before bar 80, because at bar 80 they are not unisons any more.
Sorry if my english is not very clear (or i can not explain the concept better).

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No. You explained it very clearly. Thank you.

Many thanks, that was the solution. You guys are awesome :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed, well done.


It might be easier if the Clarinets were condensed 1/2 onto 1 stave, having 3 on its own stave (or 1–2/3). This is how it’s usually done - no more than 2 parts per stave. Space permitting, of course.

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