Conductors Score from xml file

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I have Dorico full version 2, and I’m considering upgrading to version 3 for the ability of v3 to condense parts into an orchestral score. I can however, export from my current notation program, an xml file that will open in Dorico, and the new conductors score feature will help me make my conductors score from that file.

One of the biggest problems I have is I don’t know how to create a score [I haven’t really had the time to get to know how to use Dorico due to this project], with all of those orchestral pages and nicely spaced staves you see in published conductors scores, however when googling ‘conductors scores and dorico’, I came across a thread that talked about “Staff Spacing Feature” []. Will this "staff spacing feature’’ solve the problem - I mean, It looks like to select this option in Dorico and it does all of this for you. If this is true, [please I hope it is], it will solve this problem, as I need a conductors score that is all nicely spread out, so that the staffs will all be nicely spread out when it’s printed.

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One of Dorico’s great features is that is pretty much does all the layout by itself. Assuming you’ll have one system per page in a conductor’s score, it will spread the staves to fit the full length of the page. You should already be able to achieve this in Dorico 2.

Perhaps spend some time with your XML imported into Dorico 2, and work through the Layout Options, and see how that affects the score?

Thanks Ben, I’ll give this a go and see what happens.

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