Conect Korg keyboard after start Cubase

Hi, I’m Cubase 9.5 user and have problem detecting my keyboards and controllers (KORG)!
If they are connected and operational all good but if I connect them after I start Cubase they are not listed in the MIDI devices!
Somebody with the same problem here?


Windows or Mac? Is the device visible for the system?

It has always been so for me, always connect everything before starting Cubase, I thought that was normal. Isn’t it? :astonished: :laughing:

This has changed since Cubase 9.5. Even IV Windows it should work, now.

OK, then I can inform that it doesent work.
Like nicky I also only have KORG gear to test. But they have to be connected when I start Cubase to be recognized.
Kan it be a Korg MIDI driver issue?
I also have the issue that when I close Cubase, I always have to close the menu bar at the top once more.
I think I read somewhere that the Korg driver was the problem there.

No, this common Cubase behavior.

It’s Windows ! On MAC is OK!
The KORG devices are visible on the system, but Cubase does not recognise them ( 3 devices ) ! :slight_smile:

Might be KORG MIDI driver.

First you say its not the MIDI driver and then you say it might be the MIDI driver?! :open_mouth: :smiley:

It works for me and the 5 different keyboards and controllers connected.
This is on PC.
If it does not work, I would suspect a driver issue.

That’s not what he said though.

Keyboards not recognised until restart = Might be the Korg MIDI driver
Top bar not closing = Nothing to do with the Korg MIDI driver

Thats right, I saw now that he hade divided my post into two different topics.

Hi All,

Isn’t this something to do with using the native windows driver (on Windows 10 at least), I have a Korg Taktile, if I use the Korg driver, I can’t disconnect and reconnect the midi driver in the middle of a session, if I use the windows driver, it’s no problem.

Best Regards