Configurar dorico para utilizar STREAM DECK

cómo se configura stream deck en dorico para poder utilizarlo. Gracias

Take a look at the “Notation Express Stream Deck Profile”. It integrates with Dorico at the system level and is thus much faster than simulated keystrokes. Not free but definitely worth it. There are profiles for the 32-key and 15-key Stream Decks which you can buy separately or as a bundle.

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I can’t say enough how terrific the combination of StreamDeck XL and the Notation Express Profile is!!


If you want to add commands to your Stream Deck for which there isn’t a supported Dorico shortcut, almost anything in the Properties panel can be added to your user keycommands file with a json hack. To see what the command syntax is for most Dorico actions, Script / Start Recording Macro, execute the command, then End Recording Macro. The file created will have the proper syntax to allow you to create unsupported shortcuts.

I have the Notation Express SD profile, but honestly I never found myself using it. Any time I had to go through multiple screens, it just didn’t seem as fast as using keyboard shortcuts. I have created my own SD profile though for the actions I personally use the most, even if they aren’t too complicated. I have found myself using my current configuration, which is this:

Programming a SD with keycommand shortcuts is really easy, as you mostly are using MultiAction, Hotkey, and Text commands once you have the shortcuts programmed into Dorico. I have no idea how to program it in an integrated way the way the Notation Express profile does, but I find I’m using my current set up and I wasn’t using the Notation Express version.

(It’s obviously pointless for me to share it though, as it won’t work on anyone else’s system unless you have the same shortcuts set up as I do. The Blank Notation shortcut requires a custom notehead set too.)

Good SD choices!

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