Configure AKAI MPK261 and Cubase 10

If any one is interested I have created a template for use with Cubase 10 and a Generic Remote .xml file that will configure the AKAI MPK261 to work well with Cubase 10. Currently it uses the Cubase preset on the MPK261 and the template in Cubase is set up for 18 channels on the mixer. To access all 18 channels just select control bank A, B, or C on the MPK261. Please feel to contact me if you are interest or need additional information. :slight_smile:

Hello David, I wouldn’t mind checking out your template since I own a MPK261. Feel free to pm me. Thanks.

Hey David, you think I could get those as well to check them out?
Appreciate it, Peter

David, I sent you a PM requesting the template since I have not heard from you. Thanks.

Hey David,
I have an MPK 261, but I can only use it at 50%.
I would need a helping hand between David. ahah.
On the other hand my English is not great (I am French).
Could you send me your parameters.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, Just got the MPK261, and have no idea how to program the bastard :grinning:
So if you would share this with me i would be a happy fellow.

Bonjour Daeldred, je serais interressé par vos prréréglages Cubase sur le MPK261 et le modèle dans Cubase pour 18 canaux.


Daeldred I have been scouring the net to utilize my MPK49 with Cubase 10 on iMac 10.13.6 and can’t find anything that allows the faders and knobs to work how I want (independently) maybe your template or other knowledge can help?

I installed the MPK261 using this tutorial at AKAI:

Under point 5, one can download a preset file for when you set up the keyboard as a generic controller.
I’d like to test your preset file, maybe it could save me a lot of fine tuning of the AKAI setup.