Configure Cubase for Home vs Studio setup?


Recently bought myself a new MBP and have now got Cubase 8 Pro installed.

I know you can set up different configurations and workspaces, but my question is slightly different (I think).

The studio I go to obviously has a different set of keyboards, midi controllers, mixing desks etc etc attached to it. Compared to what I have set up at home.

Is it possible to “save” the two separate setups? So I can easily switch from a home config to a studio config without having to reconfigure everything each time? Or getting warnings saying that certain components are missing?

For example:

At home I have equipment A, B and C that handles audio input / output.

At the studio they have equipment X, Y and Z instead.

What I’m looking to do is save the configuration so that when I’m at home Cubase can quickly be configured to use equipment A, B and C but when at the studio to use the others.

Hope this makes sense…