configure to display events' "description" only?

is there a way to set up the preferences so that in the arrange, cubase will only superimpose the ‘description’ metadata on an event, as opposed to the syntax i am always getting, ie. “DESCRIPTION (FILENAME)”?

Im not quite getting you…,.

do you mean the event names=?

if so,

Go to prefs, Event Display, show event names…
just have it visible if the tracks are 3 rows or larger with the option at the bottom ‘smallest track height to display names’

hope this helps… if not, pls explain it as if you were talking to a 3yr old:P

Not that I know of. The ability to configure that would be a nice addition.

ok thank you, good to know.

it would be nice-- i am usually more interested in seeing my own descriptions rather than filenames.

Yes this also would be my request to Cubase developers!