configure two Behringer bcf2000 into cubase 8

I Have Two Behringer Bcf2000…
I’m Working On Windows 7 64-bit
How can i configure the two controller to work together in the cubase mixer

thank you Very Much

I’m working with two BCF’s. Set them up according to page 11 of the BCF manual. Then assign the faders etc in the ‘Device Setup’ menu.

This works but not without issues. I’ve set it up for my synthesizers. When I add an VST instrument e.g. or a midi track then all is messed up and I have to assign all again. My workaround is to have extra empty instrument and midi tracks that is without any output routing.

Maybe there is a better way to set it all up but I’m not aware of that.

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Thank you:)
but how can i connet them with Two USB Cable

When you use two USB cables you have two separate devices I guess. Then you have to configure it per device I think. I’ve set it up as one device thus with one USB cable and the BCF’s connected to each other by MIDI IN/OUT.
I don’t know which of the two is best.