Configuring A USB MIC

Hi There,
Somebody gave me a Blue “Yeti” usb mic…know that this isn’t the optimal scenario for recording, but want to play around with it regardless…
I select it as the input for recording and apply it in my “sounds, speech and audio devices” but it says the status is idle in the control panel of my CubaseLE 5 …it doesn’t even show up in the input buses.
I have no problem when I use the audio codecs and am recording through my Alesis Multimix. I’m using the ASIO4All driver.
arrrgh! can anybody out there help me?!
oh yeah, also since I can’t use the effects on the Multimix with USB mic, can someone tell me where to find the effects in the LE5 program…
yerz trooly,
Ellen Moseley

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS—For most effects click on the “E” button