configuring vst audio system

All of a sudden when i try to connect my zoom r24 to vst audio system the latency figure stops at nil meaning i cannot connect my outputs to zoom r16/24 and listen through my monitors. If i connect to general asio i can listen though my pc speakers but cannot use my zoom r24 or monitors. Can anyone help with this issue please ?

We would need more information to help with your issue. What version of Cubase are you using? What operating system are you on? Have you contacted Zoom to verify that you have their latest drivers and that the R24 is working properly?

Hello Chris
I am using cubase le7. I am using windows 7.I have the latest drivers from zoom.When i go into vst audio systems and connect to asio drivers it connects and shows the latency and plays through my pc speakers. When i connect to my zoom r24 in it shows the latency as ‘0.00’ and does not let me put the input and ouput connections in vst connections to zoom r24 and hence will not play through my monitors.I just don’t understand why it wont pick it up all of a sudden. I ahve had no chanegs to my pc at all.

0.00 latency would indicate that the driver is not working properly. I would suggest contacting Zoom to verify the device and driver.

While I do not expect it to solve the issue, please be sure to also update LE to 7.0.8 from