Configuring VST Instrument


My name is Rich and I’m a new to cubase and recording in general. Can someone give me a hint as to why, when I run the Project–>Add Track–>Instrument command the Add Instrument Track dialog only has the “No VST Instrument” choice available? Clicking on any of the instrument tracks or the number next to the track changes nothing. I expected to see a dropdown list of available instruments.

I got this software bundled with a Yamaha THR10. I’m not sure if something is configured wrong or if this is a licensing issue.


For the benefit of those with the same or similar problem, I found that when I did my original installation I chose the default installation which only installs the core cubase LE AI 6. I re-ran the setup and chose the custom installation which revealed that the HAlionOne, HALion Sonic SE, Groove Agent ONE Content, and the Drum Loop Expansion components weren’t installed. You’re able to install them at that point. I now have the HALion Sonic SE synth and the HALion one VST instruments available for use.