[CONFIRM] Cubase 6.0.2 crashes on App Exit

see: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=7725

Exiting the app causes it to crash.

Already tried emptying /appdata/roaming/cubase_64/ folder without success, the app crashes on exit.

It did NOT crash with 6.0.1

anyone else?

(is it possible to run the 6.0.1 updater over an existing 6.0.2 version in order to get back to version 6.0.1?)

You are not alone… http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=7725

This has happened twice for me since installing the update, 1st was a Blue Screen of Death stating a “BAD POOL ERROR”.

The second stated “SERVICE SYSTEM ERROR”.

Using Cubase 6.02 (32 bit) on Win7 x64 with 4GB ram

Its been stable since however I’ve noticed that the Channel EQ presets have disappeared. Tabsel do you have your channel EQ presets after the crash?

Hope this can be resovled quickly though for other users.

No bsod

Eq presets still there.

@ Steinberg:
I hate being ignored when asking for support for a app and support I paid for.
Please tell us what has changed in the app exit code from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2, provide support and help narrowing this down so we can help you offering a more stable product. Let’s work together, finally! I already helped and trusted you and gave you my money. Give me your support!

I had this problem awhile ago when I first got my new laptop. Funny thing was It had Win x64 home and No win7 x64 install disk. Keep getting crashes, blue screens and unexpected errors. Then I got so fed up, I bought win x64 ultimate and erased my entire drive( Restore partition and all). Installed win x7 64 first. Updated all my drivers. Installed Cubase 6 x64 and no 3rd parties yet. No more crash on exit :wink: Then proceded to install 3rd parties and ran into the problem again. This time I figured out that Rob Papen RG plug wanted some library’s to be installed for win 7( runtime stuff) and the problem disappeared. After that I ran a highly recommend registry optimizing software and I have never had that happen again. I’m pretty sure though, Registry errors can cause a world of problems…

Have you noticed that I had NO Crash with V6.0.1?

It is NOT my system. Something has changed in the app exit code, and I want to know what, where to look at.

It can’t be plugins, it crashes when I trash prefs, when I exclude my plugin folder, let cubase rescan only its own plugs. Hell, it did not crash with V6.0.1!

I feel your pain, but I honestly believe something is screwed up with your registry. Your system my be fine but, Win 7 plays a big part in how Cubase behaves. Anything and everything could go wrong after an install. I’m no rocket scientist. Just offering a suggestion to ease some of the frustration your are having. Hope things work out for you cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks. I know you just want to help. Thanks again.

But it’s Steinbergs task to provide support here. What has changed considering the app exit code between v6.0.1 and v6.0.2 that might cause the app to crash during exit?