"Confirm Recall Synchronization" not "always on top".

Hello all,

In N7, the problem I’m having is “Confirm Recall Synchronization” dialog box is not programmed to be “always on top”. So when you start a new project the first thing we need to do is answer this dialog box to Sync to hardware or cancel. But the box is not on top, It is buried behind the project window. It becomes a resiling match trying to trick it so you can OK sync or not.

Is there a way make it easy to access the “Confirm Recall Synchronization” box? A workaround?

Our N7 projects are synchronized to our Yamaha DM2000 for console settings and a kick ass Midi Controller. The console synced with Nuendo is simply a fantastic setup. Every N7 project load, starts with the “Confirm Recall Synchronization” to confirm. Seems like it needs to be “Always on Top” or some other solution.