Confirmation Email Not Arriving

I’m trying to download the software (Cubease LE and Wavelab LE) I received with the purchase of a Zoom H1 but when I register at Steinberg to do the downloads the confirmation email doesn’t arrive. Is that because it’s the weekend?

I take it there’s no response coming so I can let the manufacturer of the product I purchase know that Steinberg isn’t following through with allowing the downloads promised?


I re-sent the activation e-mail manually.
Please, make sure to check the spam/junk folder as well.

Kind regards,

Thanks, Fabio. I received it this morning. It came directly to my inbox.
I look forward to trying out Cubase LE and Wavelab LE.

I’m not receiving anything either. I’ve tried a number of times I’ve checked my spam folder and nothing. No link to download the Cubase 9 trial

Can you please help me with this as well, I’ve been trying for MONTHS. email: arch at

i’m not receiving anything either