[CONFIRMED] 10.0.40: Track presets don't apply volume correctly


  1. Create an empty project.
  2. Create instrument track (e. g. HS3).
  3. Turn its fader in mixer down to -70 dB.
    3a. Try with your midi keyboard that the track indeed plays nearly silently.
  4. Right click mixer channel and chose ‘save track preset’.
  5. Delete instrument track.
  6. Create a new instrument track (again HS3).
  7. Load track preset you created in step 4.

The fader graphically jumps to -70 dB, but when you play something on your MIDI keyboard, it shows that it still sounds with 0 dB. Regarding the fader level, sound and graphics do not match.

Move the fader with your mouse a little bit. Now the sound instantly turns to the correct value.

Please confirm.


Edit: Corrected numbering of repro steps.

Confirmed here on win 10. :confused:

You need to move or touch the fader for the value jump to the real value although it shows -70 in the first place

Thanks for confirmation. So what you see is not what you hear.

Looks like we need 10.0.5