Confirmed audio dropout

Hi, hwen release asio in background is clicked, I am receiving audio dropouts
any ideas?
I dont have drop outs when it is not click

You seem to be having a number of problems caused by releasing the asio driver in background. This one recently (, where I suggested you reinstall your drivers and even your os. Did you do that?

Why are you releasing in background, anyway? Is it strictly necessary? You seem to have a more than adequate machine…

Yes, I reinstalled and I am still having problems. It is because I have issues when I release the audio in the background while watching tutorials and switching between cubase and videos or other audio files outside of cubase

Sounds like maybe the Tascam driver is at fault here…you could try asio4all when you need to use release in background.

Or set your Windows default driver to your internal sound card. And then run a cable to the inputs on the Tascam, and monitor that signal in Cubase.
Or get a new soundcard that has a driver that is multiclient capable.

Yes, asio4all is definitely worth a go if all else fails but first check to see if there is a WDM (Windows Driver Model) version of your current driver. In fact, you can tell if you’ve already got one by opening Playback Devices in Windows (right-click the Volume icon) and see if it’s listed. WDM dates back to 98/2000 so there’s half a chance…

If you do have the WDM version of your driver installed and you’re still having problems then I would bet that you’re running an upgrade of W10 and need to do a clean re-install, which is major pita but definitely worth the effort… ;D