[Confirmed] Bug: Changes to VSTi do not mark the score as changed.

Noticed this today.

Alteration of parameters (such as changing instruments) to a VSTi (Halion SE) do not mark the score as changed. Ctrl-S not responded to and Save in the File menu remains grayed out until an edit is made to an object in the score. No “*” is added to the file name at the top of the score.

Expected behavior: Chaning parameters in the VSTi’s hosted by Dorico, should trigger a “changed” single.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. load a score into Dorico with five instruments (string orchestra 2 Vln, 1 Vio, 1 VC, 1 DB)
  2. add notes to all staves
  3. save score
  4. reopen score
  5. go immediately to play tab and call up Halion SE 2 interface
  6. change 1 or more instruments
  7. close Halion SE interface
  8. Return to write mode without changing anything else
  9. Note the absence of an “*” added, that CTRL-S does nothing, and “Save” is grayed out in the file menu.

Workaround: use “Save As” from the file menu and overwrite the current file or give it a new name

Tested System: Dorico 1.1, Halion SE 2, Win10

This is known and has been discussed already. Thanks anyway.