Confirmed Bug - Undo error when muting events on Folder Track

EDIT: This is a confirmed bug.
There is NO UNDO-ing the action.
I had to use “import tracks from project” to get my tracks back to the way they were before.

Here is the repro:

  1. put 2 MIDI tracks in a Folder track
  2. Add an event on each track, and snip the events a few times to create multiple events.
  3. use the mute tool (or mute events command) to mute a few events.
  4. now mute the visual representation of the contents of the folder track.
    – all the events in that folder are now muted.
  5. undo that last action

all events in the folder track (including the event you had previously muted) are UNmuted.

One would expect the previously muted events to be muted after hitting UNDO.

So, with a folder filled with many tracks with many events - some muted, some not - you can see how accidentally muting every event in the folder, and then using the UNDO command in its current bug form is a huge problem.

The only workaround is to reimport those tracks from a previously saved version of the project.

Just to be clear, you mute the visual representation of the parts, and not the Folder track itself?

right… just the visual representation.


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