[Confirmed] [CAN-23727] Midi "Record Enable" notes being reset (10.0.30 Bug)

CC123 (All Notes Off) is sent.

Good catch ! Now, I would like someone from the Steinberg team to chime in, just to explain this behavior. Just hope that this isn’t a new hidden ‘feature’… :confused:

Yes, nice!

So now we know what the problem is.

I can’t imagine anyone who would like this to be default, especially those who work with orchestral libraries.

Let’s hope this is not by design, cause it would be a really dumb one.

Yes, same here. This needs to be addressed regardless.

Of all the Cubase 10 issues I’ve seen, this is the most disturbing one, as there is no workaround.
I wonder whether Martin Jirsak could confirm this as a bug?

Noticing this same issue as well. It’s very distracting.

Another voice for an option to turn off this feature quickly ! This thing is driving me crazy. Workflow killer.

Can we get an official statement from steinberg?, this is a bug that needs a hotfix ASAP

God i thought i accidently hit something on preference. but good to know it’s happening for everyone. This is no good at all. come on, cubase! it’s driving me crazy. totally messed up my workflow.

It did happen sometimes in previous version. I started with Pro 8 and had there were some minor drop out and timing glitches. Now, nearly every move causes a drop out. IMHO, as it is right now, it is not possible to Produce, Record or Mix in Cubase.

Let’s hope that Mr Hans Zimmer is using 10.0.30, and finds out about this. It might get fixed rather quickly if he does!

Good grief! :frowning:

Have you checked other items – Listen Bus, Solo/Unsolo, Bypass/Unbypass? I’m getting glitches and drop out with nearly every and any move in Cubase Pro 10.0.3

I had not thought to check this with MIDI Monitor. I’ll have a look. :frowning: This is so bad :frowning:

Same issue here. Disappointed.

The same problem, I hope the steinberg team to solve as soon as possible, the current work is greatly affected. :cry: :cry:

So… does anyone know - is this the way Cubase is now designed to behave?
Or is this a bug?

This other report is obviously related. So, it seems as it’s being considered as a bug.

Now, let’s see how much time the fix will need…

I doubt it.This is a bug indeed.

It also cuts off the sound when opening the editor on midi events when double clicking so it would not make intellect sense to make this happen by design.

Unless Steinberg made this change intentionally and is being hush about it.

Either a fix or a preference is needed quickly. Crossing my fingers!

(N.B. subsequently edited to make corrections based on further tests)

OK there is something very weird going on here. Here, the “note choking” isn’t happening with external MIDI instruments, but it’s like there’s some kind of reset (other than CC123) being sent, because MIDI expanders that I’ve set up with sysex are going mute.

I havent’ gotten to the bottom of this yet, but what’s happening with one of my external MIDI instruments is, with playback running, I record-enable a track (it keeps playing) and everything is OK, but if I then stop playback and restart, the drum channel (on MIDI channel 10) is gone – this is a channel I set up with sysex at the start of playback. I have to go to zero and start playback again (which sends the sysex to the expander again).

I’ll keep investigating (while thinking, why should I have to do this debugging?).

[UPDATE:] just stopping and starting playback makes the external MIDI expanders reset. Nuts! (not true – corrected)
[UPDATE:] OK it was partly an issue with the MIDI part, which was imported from an SMF I was sent, so not so bad.
[UPDATE:] confirmed the issue described also happens with external MIDI, CC123 is being sent when the record-enable button is turned off.

In a MIDI sequencer, this is a show-stopper bug. :angry:

Same thing happens in Editor it self.
if we enable Record in Editor.
this is really distracting and Workflow KILLER…

Please Steinberg… Fix it ASAP.

Hi all,

Same bug confimed… since 10.0.30.
Similar bug :

  • Select a “pads” track, let’s play …
  • Select another track to record it…=> sound stop…pads are dead…



Another test to demonstrate this horrible bug (workflow killer…) :

  • Add a midi monitor plugin to a midi track
  • select this track
  • enable record (if not) : nothing in monitor
  • disable record : CC123 on the midi out (allnoteoff)

Impossible to work…