[Confirmed] [CAN-23727] Midi "Record Enable" notes being reset (10.0.30 Bug)

Confirmed here too.


just reproduced it with a new empty project…


I can reproduce it and I reported it to Steinberg CAN-23787.

Thanks Martin.


Confirmed and this is already set to being fixed with the next maintenance update currently scheduled for next month.

Great ! Thanks for the information, Ed… :slight_smile:

Thank got this Titled:"[CAN-23727]"


Thanks Boss

Good news!! Thanks Ed for the update.

Excellent, many thanks!

Hm, and what was so hard on this one that it “could not be reproduced” ?
I rather think “we didn’t care”


5 days from report to official response, what metric do you use to measure caring?


I can confirm…really needs to be fixed.

yes this another anooying bug,

Since the beginning of using Cubase 10 I have set a midi filter to ignore CC 123!

Prefrences/MIDI/MIDI Filter/COntroller/ add cc123 from the Controller dropdown box.


It has been already confirmed here, it will be fixed with the next update. Thank you.

I thought something was wrong with my machine!! thank god I found this post.
Any updates regarding this matter?
Filtering cc 123 in the preferences does nothing in my case…