Conflict between techniques


I have the CSS violin VST. It allows to have play techniques either in legato or sustain.

For my example I will use the tremolo legato and tremolo sustain patch.

Legato Tremolo Patch

Sustain Tremolo Patch

I configured the tremolo legato patch with the tremolo technique.

So, when I write the tremolo on the score, it’s the temolo legato patch that is activated and it works very well only when I write one note at a time, which is normal for a legato patch

However, when I write two notes at a time, the legato patch does anything.
Which is normal. That’s why I created a technique for the tremolo patch sustain, to be able to write two notes at a time.

Here’s the problem. I absolutely want to indicate the tremolo when I write a tremolo, but when I indicate the tremolo it activates the tremolo legato when I write two notes at a time.

I tried to specify the tremolo sustain technique over the tremolo legato technique but it doesn’t work.

I should be able to make the tremolo (legato) indication silent but always visible so that it does not trigger the tremolo legato patch and the tremolo sustain patch is activated as it should be.

It is impossible to make the tremolo silent so I don’t know how to do it.

In hope that you have understood the problem, my English is translated by google translation.

Thank you for your help.

I would expect that these conflict cannot easily be resolved by Dorico.
You have one musical symbol (the tremolo) that says “Do X”, and you have an expression that says “Do Y”, where X and Y cannot be applied at the same time. We should be happy that there is not enough A.I. in Dorico to make it crash :smiley:

If you don’t want Dorico to play back the “real” tremolo that is shown in the music then you could try muting that note via the ‘Muted’ property in the Common group in the Properties panel, and put another note in another voice with no tremolo to trigger the actual played note.

Can you please consider making it possible to mute the tremolo property of a note?

The problem is that it’s not at all aesthetic.

There may be a trick to solve this problem but it always requires more work, I have 5 identical measurements in a row, which can be very redundant…

Can you please consider making it possible to mute the tremolo property of a note?

It’s a great idea and that’s how it works in Sibelius.

However this option is present in engrave mode but does not work, or I have not yet entered how engrave mode works.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out another problem.

I wrote a legato violin phrase, which must be played legato by real musicians, but for my personal listening I want dorico to play this staccato phrase.

So I tell him to play staccato which works very well, but I ask him to play tremolo right after and he doesn’t want to play tremolo and stays on the staccato patch.

In order for him to play staccato I am obliged to ask him to play natural just before so that he can activate the tremolo patch.

This is a problem, because it is an indication of more to add, more work and I lose a note that should be played staccato.

Is it a bug?

Translated with

Is this really a valid use case for the majority of the user base?

I mean…
You can’t tell photoshop to print something in blue but paint it on the screen in yellow, just for your own pleasure.
You can’t tell MS Word to print something in Arial but put in on the screen in Times New Roman because it’s more pleasing to your eye.
You can’t tell Excel to multiply two cells but have the result shown to you as if it were a sum because you personally prefer sums over other calculations.

That’s not the point.

As you can see on the picture, the notes do not have the staccato index (the little dots above the notes) so the real musician will play this legato phrase.

But with the Signposts “Staccato B” they play Staccato in Dorico.

The problem is that when I switch from a technique reported by Signposts like Staccato to Tremolo it doesn’t work. I am obliged to insert a “Natural” Signposts between the two techniques to activate the Tremolo game technique.

Is it a bug?

Translated with

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature: Playing techniques add up as you go along the score. If you have a technique “play pizzicato” in bar 1 and a technique “play marcato” in bar 10, you would not want the “marcato” technique to end the “pizzicato” but to result in a technique “pizzicato and marcato”.
It took the Dorico team some time to implement that some techniques are mutually exclusive (like “use bow” and “pizzicato”), but if you use your own techniques, you have to do that yourself.

When you add your “staccato” technique and later insert the “tremolo” technique, the player searches for “staccato and tremolo”, and since it doesn’t find one, the "staccato "technique that is already in place stays active.

Thank you very much for your answer.