Conflict between UR22 and my GPU (Nvidia GT 730)

Hi guys. I really need help with this, no answer from Google or this forum:

I recently replaced my old video card (nvidia 9600GT) with an Nvidia GT 730, i never had sound problems with my soundcard before but now i’ve clicks and pops everywhere! I minimize any window and my music player stops, just imagine how latency is with Ableton, i can’t use it.

If i disable the UR22 everything is fine, videos run smooth and videogames too. If i disable the GPU everything is fine too, no pops or clicks or a sudden stop of music when i minimize a window. This is getting exasperating, i formatted my pc, installed Windows 8 and the problem was still there, i reformatted and reinstalled Windows 7 and now is even worse.

I know that people here are not so helpful (i read a lot of threads like this with no answers at all) but i hope you can help me, i can’t live without producing and listening to music, nor i can’t live without videogames.

Motherboard: p5kpl-vm
GPU: Nvidia GT 730
4 gb of ram
Intel core 2 quadcore Q6600