? conflict issues

Hi I have recently purchased Cubase 10.5 & use a UR824 my controller keyboard is a vintage Roland D-20 connected using a Digital Life USB midi cable via my PC the problem I am having is when Cubase opens it takes the USB port I have tried it with & without the UR824 running but can not record midi information nor hear the sound from D-20 into the UR824 when Cubase is running but can if I am using the UR824 stand-alone software

Also if anyone knows where I can get a patch script for Cubase-D20 please let me know.

Any help appreciated

Cheers Malkie


As far as I understand, you should see (and select) the Digital Life USB as your MIDI In and Out. Can you see this MIDI Port in Cubase? Can you see it in the Studio Setup > MIDI Ports, please?

I am seeing USB Midi both in & out as active but no reference to digital life I am getting no midi activity in the transport bar I did get a result when I set up an external instrument when I did that I could get sound with the GS wavetable but no midi data and still could not record when I connect the UR824 I can no longer hear the sound from my D-20 in the headphones or the speakers


Sorry, what do you mean by this? So can you see your MIDI>USB converter device in Cubase, please? Could you attach some screenshots, please?

I mean there is (USB MIDI) showing in the ports I assume this is the digital life cable I think this might be down to my routing or set up Give me a day to work through the manual on midi devices I will let you know how I get on

Cheers Malkie

I can Confirm USB MIDI is the digital life cable but I am not able to get any MIDI activity from that source I have hooked up my NI M32 which I can get the activity from but again no midi info is played onto the MIDI track nor have I been able to record anything onto the MIDI track How do I attach images?

Ok, I have resolved everything in Cubase except I can not record the MIDI information I play into Cubase the tracks do not go red even though the record button is armed. I have taken the UR824 out of the equation to keep this simple.

Cheers Malkie


I expect NI M32 has own USB connection, so it’s other story. It should be even easier.

To attach some screenshots would really help. Click to the Full Editor down bellow the text field. Then you can add an attachment.

Hi, Martin sorry about the delay getting back to you Just finished my 4-day shift hence the delay I have managed to resolve all the issues needless to say there was a couple of things new to me and also a massive schoolboy error. But thanks for your assistance