Conflict slur - octava up

Dorico (VST, “YAMAHA S90ES Piano”.
See Attachment. Measure 1+2 is normal.
Notes in measure 3+4 associated with the slur must place on the same line.
Unfortunately the note in measure 4 (with octave up) is drawn incorrectly an octave lower. (262 KB)

To create the octave line such that it affects only the up-stem notes, select only the up-stem notes, and then using the Shift+C popover type “8va”, but don’t hit Return on its own: instead, hold Alt and hit Return. This will make the octave line apply only to the up-stem notes. If you want to use the mouse, then again, select only the up-stem notes, then hold the Alt key and click the octave line in the panel.

Sorry, it not works (i use the mouse). Even though I’ve already “8va” and after then i set note longer, it lands wrong an Oktava deeper.

Take a look at the attached. (267 KB)

You are right. Many thanks!. I have to try it yourself. It can take a bit.

I’ve tried it. It works with the Keyboard, not with the mouse.

It will work with the mouse if you hold Alt when you click the button to create the octave line and you already have the notes in the appropriate voice selected.

Sorry, I just did it how they said it. With the mouse lands the note wrong ohne octava down. Perhaps because of my win-7?