Conflicting rastral sizes

Dear Dorico users
I’m dealing with a project imported from Sibelius via xml. There were initially five flows imported, then I imported a sixth, also from Sibelius.
In one layout, this sixth flow changes to a bigger rastral size halfway through. This happens only in the Conducting Score. It doesn’t show in the Vocal Score, or the Piano-Vocal Score, or even the “Everything Score” (the Master Score which contains parts not in other scores).
To try and correct this,

  • I’ve reset the rastral size of the whole file. But that makes no difference. The bigger bit remains bigger whether I increase or reduce the rastral size.

  • I’ve tried resetting Lyric size (including all the lyric sub-options) in Library > Paragraph styles. Makes no difference either.

  • I’ve also set system breaks at the beginning of the big-rastral-size section, and then r-clicked “Staff size” which tells me that it is already at the desired rastral size (Rastral size 6), but it still remains bigger than the rastral size 6 in the rest of the project.

To be honest, there is another problem with his layout (maybe related) which is that the last page disappears and simply can’t be seen (tho it is still visible in other parts), then it reappears again.
Any ideas, anyone?

Re your last point

I don’t understand “r-clicked” (I’m assuming you’ve right-clicked) - this shouldn’t give you any information on staff size.

System Breaks and Frame Breaks do have the possibility of overriding the space size via a property in the bottom panel. Is it possible that there are System Breaks or Frame Breaks at the starts of the other flows that have their Space Size property set, and then there’s another System Break here that has its Space Size property set to something different?

Hello Leo, Thank you.
I updated my original post (while you were replying) to point out that this happens only in one layout.
Yes, if one right-clicks a Frame or Staff break, there is the option “Staff Size” and selecting “Custom Staff Size” tells you the Default Staff Size (Rastral Size 6) which, unfortunately, is not displaying as it should.

As Leo says, look for a system break at the position where the staff size changes: it will have a global space size override set in the Properties panel.

Thank you, Daniel. I did look, but I didn’t realize it was only in Engrave Mode Properties.
So I found that there was an override there. Now cancelled and working fine.
Thanks to you both.

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