Conform Nuendo Session using "The Little Conformer"

Currently I´m developing a Windows conforming tool to reconform DAW projects after an EDL or change-list.
Initially it will support Nuendo and Pro Tools, but in the future other DAWs like Cubase, Samplitude, Reaper or Ardour can be implemented on request.

Here´s a short video showing “The Little Conformer” in action:

Any user feedback is greatly appreciated!


I’ll be keeping an eye on this and looking forward to seeing more.

A demo is now available on my website!

There is a TLC thread on Gearslutz with further Information regarding features and changes:

The Little Conformer has grown up!

  • It is now able to conform Nuendo, Cubase and ProTools sessions .
  • We had a successful three month beta testing phase.
  • I added copy protection, so:
  • It is available for sale on my website since yesterday.
  • And it has a new name: The Maisch Conformer

You can download the demo at: The Maisch Conformer

Thanks again for all your feedback,