Conform Ruler / Bars

Hey guys,

I don’t often use a lot of the tempo based functions in Cubase; however, I am trying to figure out this one seemingly simple function.

If I import audio cut to a click on another platform to it’s time-stamped origin, then what is the easiest way to get the “grid” to match the audio (while keeping audio in place at it’s time stamp).


If you know the original tempo of the audio clip, then just insert a Tempo event at the audio clip’s start position.
Otherwise, you can use the Timewarp tool (presuming you know how many bars the audio is supposed to be), to drag Cubase barlines to match it.
There are also other ways (e.g. tempo detection), but maybe starting to get a little complicated, unnecessarily :wink:.

you can import at origin by the way, which will put the clip at the proper “Time”. Then as vic said, you set the tempo there.