Conform Time Code Display Window to Frame Rate

Unless I’m doing something wrong (perfectly possible) in setting up for scoring to video, I go into Projects>Project Setup> “Get Frame rate from video” I click it and the sequencer frame rate then matches the video’s.

So far so good.

However after this, when I open a separate Time Display window and I have it displaying timecode, I have to change the displayed frame rate manually by right-clicking on the Time Display window and selecting the correct frame rate to match the project.

Is this a bug, a feature, an oversight, or am I doing something wrong? Am I missing a step? Thanks for all info.

I must be missing something.

Is this how the Time Display window has always worked? (I’m new to Cubase)

Hey Reberclark,

Yes, that is how this works, it’s a bit of a circus but there you are…

Thanks, apkyburz! I will live with it.