Conforming to picture changes

I’m having a rough time with picture changes in Cubendo. Here’s what’s happening. Sometimes I have to make a picture change, where I will need to move the audio for the entire session left or right a few frames etc. Sometimes my operation goes like this:

Show all tracks
Select all (Ctrl+A)
Split at cursor (Alt+X)
Select all to right of cursor
Zoom in to frame level
Click and drag, and use the indicator to see how much I am moving events left or right.

Unfortunately I’m finding that sometimes that some events are not being moved, and sometimes muted audio events come to the surface and cover up other events. I don’t know if this is the way this operation is suppose to behave, or if it’s a glitch due to the fact that this operation is moving 1000 tracks and thousands of audio events.

I also have used project logical editor to move events by frame, but I think this might have the same issue, because SELECT ALL isn’t really selecting all, and events underneath events might become exposed after nudging everything.

I also noticed that Frozen or Locked Tracks are not moved and there is no warning for this, and with 1000 tracks it’s hard to know which tracks are locked. It would be nice to have the option of a a dialog box that warns you “Some of the selected events are on locked tracks and will not be moved, are you sure you want to do this anyway?”

I’ve also tried Delete Time and Insert Silence functions, but sometimes I simply just want to move everything. Is there a better/easier way to accomplish this? Thanks for your help!

This also appears to have affected tracks that had multiple takes recorded and used the comping tool. Now the wrong take is playing back (wrong take in the front and others are muted underneath)

The best tool to use is the reconform in Nuendo. It does help with a basic understanding of EDLs and how they are used and exported from the NLE.
If you prefer to do it by hand you should learn to use the range tools in the edit menu. Global cut/copy, delete/insert time.
Note, they do NOT work the same way as a range selection, they work on all tracks always unless they are locked.

Also for manual operation folder tracks are a really helpul feature!