CONFOUNDED! General computer question

I recently bought a new keyboard, it’s a standard QWERTY type wireless keyboard, but frequently I am hitting some button that kicks me out of the field I happen to be typing in. For example, I’ll be almost done with some really insightful and devastating rebuttal in a political conversation in some forum or other, and I hit this button and POOF! I get exited with no way to return or recover what I was working on – VERY aggravating! The problem is, I’m not sure which key it is I’m hitting! It basically works as a “Back” button, but without leaving the ability to return to where I was. I do know it’s one of the buttons along the bottom of the keyboard – like the Desktop, Alt, or even spacebar. Any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated – :sunglasses:

I know that feeling, it sucks :p. Used to have a ‘back’ button on my mouse, but I disabled that after some accidents.
Normally, backspace is also a back button, but if you’re in a textfield that shouldn’t be the case. Maybe you somehow lose focus of the textfield and then hit backspace? That would be strange though, because you wouldn’t be able to type either, so no need to backspace :wink:.

It’s either Ctrl, Desktop, Alt, or the spacebar… and, I think it only happens when I strike the key pretty hard. Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to duplicate the problem

Could it be you are hitting alt+left arrow?
That works even when in a textfield.

Don’t hit that key, and problem solved :wink:

He he… but I have to use the spacebar. Now, as to what Strophoid said…

OMG. I think you’ve nailed it my man. Apparently this happens when I’m typing furiously, and try to hit the spacebar but miss slightly and hit Alt and the left arrow by accident. I know, I know… I am a bit spastic :laughing:

I can see why you needed a new keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:


:neutral_face: :slight_smile: :smiley: :laughing:

That’s a pretty good one, Strophoid!

…and not too far from the truth :smiling_imp: